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Comment 11 MAY 2012

Windsor welcomes the world in spectacular style

It was billed as "a spectacular programme of horsemanship, military displays, music and dancing".

And Thursday night's opening of the Windsor Jubilee Pageant didn't disappoint.

Performers came from around the world to pay tribute to the Queen - and they put on quite a show.

Horses have been brought from around the globe, such as from Italy's Carosello dei Carabinieri, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Royal Cavalry of Oman, Russia's Kremlin Equestrian Riding School and India's Magnificent Dancing Marwaris.

Around 550 of the animals and more than 1,000 dancers and musicians will perform over the four-day event.

Set against a giant replica of Buckingham Palace, Sunday night's performance will see The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh entertained by showbiz stars including Susan Boyle and Rolf Harris.

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