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Comment 24 MAY 2012

The one lady whom Joan Collins admires the most

24 MAY 2012

The Queen looks delighted as she meets Hollywood royalty.

And no wonder since Joan Collins is one of her most fervent admirers.

It's probable that the two matriarchs were merely exchanging pleasantries, but the actress did have one burning question on her mind.  




"I always want to know what she keeps in the handbag," revealed the 79-year-old actress.

She added: "I think she is the most wonderful incredible woman and just a great Queen.There will never be anyone like her again.

Their chat came at a Diamond Jubilee celebration of the arts, involving  hundreds of celebrities from the worlds of music, dance and culture.  

Joan, who executed a graceful curtsy for her sovereign, was looking the epitome of high glamour in a ruched nude-coloured gown, with matching clutch and heels.



The elegant Dynasty star was joined by her former co-star Kate O'Mara and Dame Shirley Bassey during the conversation.

Also on the guest list were U2’s Bono and Sir Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul also praised the monarch saying that he was a "huge fan". 

"It is always wonderful meeting her, she's great," added the Beatles legend.

What did Bono say to make Her Majesty giggle?

Top hats and tails at the Queen of all garden parties



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