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Comment 21 MARCH 2012

Camilla and Mette-Marit dazzle at royal soiree

21 MARCH 2012

Against the sumptuous backdrop of the Royal Palace in Oslo, two regal blondes wowed at a gala dinner.

The Duchess of Cornwall – who along with Prince Charles was guest of honour at the soiree thrown by Norway’s King Harald – was resplendent in a purple velvet gown and glittering jewels.

With her silk creation and flawless Scandinavian beauty, his daughter-in-law, Mette-Marit also made a stunning impression on the British royals' Jubilee tour.




The King's wife Sonja paid tribute to their guests by wearing jewellery that once belonged to his British-born grandmother Maud, who was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 

Completing the royal lineup was the heir to the throne Haakon, who is married to Mette-Marit, his sister Martha Louise and aunt Astrid.

Earlier in the day, Charles and Camilla's visit struck a sombre note when they inspected the King's Guard and laid a wreath at the national monument to remember Norwegians who perished in the World War II.



They also paid a visit to the Nobel Peace Centre where they met with survivors of last summer's massacre on the island of Utoya, where Mette-Marit lost her stepbrother.

Inside, they talked at length about the tradgedy, and Camilla offered words of comfort telling survivors they were "brave" and that "the most important thing is to be able to talk about it".

On Wednesday, the Prince of Wales was due to return to the city of Bergen, which he visited in 1969 with his parents. 

After their three-day stop in Norway, the royal couple will move on to Sweden and Denmark.


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