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Comment 23 MAY 2012

King of clubs: Prince Charles spins the wheels of steel

23 MAY 2012

His son Prince Harry is the one who apparently has designs on being a DJ.

But Prince Charles looked like he was ready to give his son a run for his money as he stepped up to the wheels of steel.



The heir had a go at mixing in Toronto, during his four day tour of Canada.

He had a bit of help from youngsters at headquarters of the Yonge Street Mission, which offers help and support to people in need in Toronto through community centres, clothing resale, health services and housing assistance.

After slipping on the headphones and queing up the record, the 63-year-old tapped his finger in time to the beats.

As revealed recently by Gary Barlow, Charles is a huge music fan



He was instrumental in helping the Take That star set the musical tone for his Jubilee single Sing.

"I had a list of questions I wanted to ask him - what does the Queen like, what does she listen to? And he came into the room with six CDs. We were like 'Okay, what's this?'," remembers Gary.

"He said 'Well, I've brought some of my music collection because you need to understand that because we travel so much, we get to hear so much music - it's not what you'd think'.

"So I was shocked. I was like 'Have you ever even talked about music on camera before?' and he said 'No-one's ever asked me about music'."

"It was a really eclectic bunch, from Cole Porter to people you've never heard of - from Africa, folk bands, mento bands from Jamaica, and I was intrigued by it."

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