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Comment 13 SEPTEMBER 2012

Kate in full bloom as she pays tribute to her host country with Hibiscus dress


The Duchess of Cambridge certainly knows how to dress for the occasion.

Not only was her second Alexander McQueen dress of the South East Asia Tour undeniably lovely, it was the perfect choice for dinner with the King of Malaysia.

The pretty bespoke cream gown featured a gold detail images of Kuala Lumpur's Hibiscus flower.





It seemed to be a hit with Abdul Halim of Kedah, who welcomed Kate and Prince William to the the Istana Negara for an official dinner.

The Istana Negara palace complex is near Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. Previously the official palace had been an impressive stately venue sat atop a hill overlooking the Klang River amidst a 13 acre site - the former palace has since been made into a museum.

The king – who bears the title Yang di-Pertuan Agong - is an elected head of state.



A literal English translation of the title is "He who is made Lord". However, common alternatives are "King", "Supreme Ruler",

Abdul Halim, who has 13 names in total, is the first peron to have held the position twice, and the oldest person ever elected to office. He reigned from 1970-75 and was elected again last year.

The 65-year-old is also the current Sultan of Kedah, after his father's death in 1968.

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