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Comment 07 FEBRUARY 2012

Diamond gig: Paul, Elton, Gary and Tom Jones will head the party at the Palace

07 FEBRUARY 2012

Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Dame Shirley Bassey, Annie Lennox, Sir Tom Jones, Sir Cliff Richard – it's a dream lineup.

But the stellar roll call of artists aren't coming together for a big music festival – they will join forces to serenade the Queen.



The big names were announced this week – along with several other top singers. They will all be taking part in the monarch's Diamond Jubilee concert, which will take place near The Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.

Others taking part include Price Tag singer Jessie J, JLS, Madness, and Brit-nominated Ed Sheeran.

Organising the big event is Take That star Gary Barlow, who said it is going to be an "amazing event" on a global scale.

He told the BBC that Princes William and Harry were "quite involved musically".

"They've asked for a couple of artists already which I have been running around the world trying to get hold of," he added.


A crowd of 10,000 – including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the royal family – will enjoy the special show on 4 June 2012.

The event will be screened live on BBC 1 and tickets will be available to UK residents through a public ballot.

For now, two thirds of the acts have been confirmed, but Gary still has his eye on some big performers.

"At the moment we have Australian artists, Canadian artists. I want to focus on the US over the next month and try and get some US artists on the bill also," he says.

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