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Comment 10 MAY 2012

The Queen jumps in muddy puddles with Peppa Pig in special Jubilee episode

10 MAY 2012

Wallis and Grommit aren't the only kids' favourites gearing up for the Diamond Jubilee.

Peppa Pig is also getting in on the act.


A book was published this week titled Peppa Pig Meets the Queen, and the monarch has also made a guest appearance in the TV show.

She even dons a pair of wellies and gets stuck into Peppa's favourite activity – jumping in muddy puddles.

The fun episode will be screened next month to get children interested in Jubilee activities.

Peppa Pig producer Phil Davies said: "As a British production, it's only fitting that Peppa Pig pays tribute to the Queen and we couldn't resist the opportunity to put her into the show.

"We hope that everyone enjoys watching the episode as much as we enjoyed making it and that it gets children into the Jubilee party spirit."

The Queen is the first human character to appear in the show.

In the episode, Peppa's pal Miss Rabbit is selected to receive an award for her hard work and takes her friends along to Buckingham Palace for her once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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