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Comment 14 MAY 2012

Spot the difference: Madame Tussauds unveils regal waxwork

14 MAY 2012

The likeness is uncanny.

On Monday, London’s world famous attraction Madame Tussauds unveiled a new waxwork of the Queen.

And at first glance, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between the statue and the monarch herself.

The incredibly lifelike figure – the Queen’s 23rd at the waxwork museum – was created in honour of the Diamond Jubilee.

Replicating the official photograph taken to mark her 60 years on the throne, the figure is dressed in a white and silver dress covered in Swarovski elements and wears a blue sash adorned with The Queen’s Garter Badge.

On her head sits an imitation of the diamond and pearl George IV State Diadem.


While the Queen did not sit for the sculpture, Buckingham Palace was involved in the creative process.

Principle sculptor Steve Swales, who also created the monarch's previous waxwork and attended a sitting at the Palace in 2001, admitted this year’s task was "extremely exciting" and "understandably nerve-wracking".

"Meeting the Queen at our last sitting was an invaluable help in creating this figure," he said.

"She was very relaxed and warm, and I’ve just tried to portray that, whilst maintaining a sense of majesty.

"Her expression is soft, as if she is just about to break into a smile. I hope she approves of the end result."



"We have had a close relationship with the British Royal Family since Madame Tussauds first opened its doors in Baker Street in 1884 – and it has grown in strength ever since," PR Manager Liz Edwards commented.

"We have created more figures of Queen Elizabeth II than anyone else in Madame Tussaud's history, with the first figure created when she was just two years old."

The new figure – which took four months to create and cost £150,000 – stands centre stage in the royal area of the attraction, alongside waxworks of the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, unveiled last month.


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