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Comment 18 MAY 2012

Royal consorts Kate and Charlene bond over new roles

18 MAY 2012

Despite being born thousands of miles apart, they have both faced a rollercoaster ride from commoner to royal in the last year.

So the Duchess of Cambridge was the obvious choice to welcome Princess Charlene of Monaco at Windsor castle on Friday.

 And she may have even been asked to do so by the Queen herself.




After all, Kate is regarded as a safe pair of hands by her grandmother-in-law – as was obvious from her presence at the start of the nationwide Jubilee tour in Leicester.

On this occasion Prince William's wife had gone for a £1,200 made-to-measure Emilia Wickstead coat that fell in pretty pleats from the waist.

Like the elegant brunette, Charlene favours classic but modern fashion. She'd also picked out a pastel outfit, though hers was mint green.

It's not just a taste in clothes that the pair share – they also have similar interests.



Charlene is a former Olympic swimmer and Kate is an avid sportswoman, who acted as captain of the hockey team at her high school Malborough college.

The two ladies are also heavily involved in children's charities.

And the Monegasque royal was in the congregation when Kate wed her Prince, shortly before her own magnificent nuptials in Monte Carlo.

While they caught up, their other halves – William and Prince Albert enjoyed a chat too. 

As well as the Monegasque royals, Britain's young royal couple met up with the Jordanian king and his striking wife Rania.

Abdullah II, like William, attended Sandhurst military college, giving the pair plenty to talk about.  



A grand total of 62 royals – including 12 queens, 12 kings, an emperor, a grand duke and a sultan – were invited to the lunch.

It has been at least ten years since this many crowned heads of state were gathered together – the last time being at the Queen Mother's funeral in 2002 and at the Golden Jubilee lunch the same year.


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