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Comment 03 JUNE 2012

A diamond choice: Queen's crystal-studded outfit took a year to make

03 JUNE 2012

At the Thames River Pageant, the Queen was impeccable in a white dress and matching boucle coat adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals that reflected the River Thames. The lady of the hour couldn't have made a more striking impression on her big day.

In her 60-year reign the Queen has perfected the art of rising to the occasion. 

The dazzling ensemble in the colour of Diamond celebrations and designed by Angela Kelly, the monarch’s official dresser fitted the bill.




Angela, a close confidant of the Queen, has dressed her for years and spent 12 months planning the outfit.

Its colour scheme was chosen to contrast with the red, gold and purple of the Royal Barge.

The ivory brought to mind the Queen and Prince Philip’s Diamond wedding anniversary, when she celebrated 60 years of marriage wearing a white silk and lace dress with silver sequins. 

It was also reminiscent of the day of her coronation, another rainy occasion, when she pledged herself to life-long service of her kingdom.

And had Sunday been brighter the gold and silver embroidered spots and Swarovski crystals would have glimmered even more.
Her Majesty paired the beautiful outfit with her favourite pearls – the Ladies of Devonshire earrings and necklace, a wedding present from her grandmother, Queen Mary.

The Jardine Star brooch, left to the monarch by Lady Jardine in 1981, was the perfect finishing touch.


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