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Comment 03 JUNE 2012

Pippa keeps things low key to let Kate shine on the Queen's big day

03 JUNE 2012

On the day of her sister's wedding, Pippa Middleton gained a fair share of column inches for her dazzling appearance as maid of honour.

But on her second big royal event, it seemed Pippa was determined to keep things low key.

The pretty brunette, who has quit her job at London-based catering company Table Talk to become a wedding planner, chose modest attire for the Jubilee Pageant.




It was almost hard to spot Pippa as she stood next to her father Michael aboard the Elizabethan, a replica 1890s Mississippi paddle steamer.

She wore a dark blue jacket with cream trimming and a pleated skirt, and her hair hung loosely around her shoulders.

Pippa and her brother James and their parents were invited by the Queen to join the historic 1,000-boat flotilla which took place on the Thames.

The gesture shows the monarch's approval of Kate and the closeness of her family.


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