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Comment 14 JUNE 2012

Over a century later, the same gift as Victoria for Diamond Queen

14 JUNE 2012

The Queen has arrived in Hitchin, Hertfordshire where she received a very special gift. 

Crowds gathered in the picturesque market square watched as she was presented with lavender oil from locally grown plants – the same gift her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria received on her visit 150 years ago.




Queen Victoria is the only other British monarch to serve sixty years on the throne.

And the presentation is locals' way of recognising both women's unique achievement. 

Looking radiant in a lilac coat and matching hat, the Queen beamed as she accepted the gift.

Afterwards, thousands of schoolchildren were waiting to greet the sovereign as she moved on to Stevenage.

There, she inaugurated the specially named Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit in Lister Hospital. At one point, the monarch looked on tenderly at the sleeping newborns blissfully unaware of the commotion around them.  



Although memories of the glorious Jubilee weekend are fading, the Queen continues to tour the country and meet as many people as possible to mark her milestone year.

In the absence of the Duke of Edinburgh, other members of the royal family are by her side as she bravely pushes on through her engagements.

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were by her side as she visited Nottingham.


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