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Comment 26 JUNE 2012

Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen

26 JUNE 2012

Big Ben, the huge clock tower that has dominated the skyline over Houses of Parliament for over 150 years, is to be renamed in honour of the Queen's illustrious 60 year reign.

Led by Conservative Tobias Ellwood, MPs campaigned for the neo-Gothic tower to be renamed Elizabeth Tower in to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

Big Ben

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "I think it is a fitting tribute to the Queen and the service she has given to our country in this jubilee year."

A  spokesperson confirmed that House of Commons Commission would "arrange for this decision to be implemented in an appropriate manner in due course".

Featuring four gilded clock faces, the tower was completed in 1859.

It took its name from the nickname originally given to the 13.5 tonne bell within the tower.

When Elizabeth II's great-great-grandmother Victoria reached the same milestone the west tower of the Palace of Westminster, then known as the King's Tower, was renamed the Victoria Tower to commemorate her long reign.


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