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Comment 24 JULY 2012

Samantha and the Queen wearing summery outfits as sun finally appears

24 JULY 2012

On Tuesday, the first lady of British fashion met up with someone who knows a thing or two about making a sartorial statement and they were perfectly in sync.

David Cameron's wife Samantha hosted a Diamond Jubilee lunch for the Queen and several of her husband's predecessors.


Samatha Cameron


Wearing a sky blue patterned dress, the Prime Minister's wife, an ambassador for the British fashion council, who is known for championing up and coming designers, curtsied to her royal guest at the door of Number 10, Downing Street.

Also elegant in blue and her favourite pearls, the Queen looked delighted with her warm welcome.

Others guests for the reception read like a Who's Who of British politics.

Also there were Gordon and Sarah Brown, Tony Blair, Sir John Major and his wife Norma.

Ten years ago the Blairs threw a similar dinner to mark the Golden Jubilee. On that occasion Lady Thatcher was present, but the increasingly frail former leader was absent from this week's gathering.


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