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Comment 04 MARCH 2012

Prince Harry experiences the splendours of Mayan culture

04 MARCH 2012

Climbing the El Castillo pyramid in Belize with temperatures reaching the 30s, Prince Harry  takes in the spectacular view over the ancient Mayan city of  Xunantunich, which was abandoned in AD 950-1000.

After a carnival atmosphere on the streets of the capital city, when the Queen's grandson lived up to his reputation as the most fun-loving of the royals, there was a chance to see another side to the country's heritage. 



Asked afterwards what he'd remember about the tropical paradise, he replied: "Undoubtedly the people" – joking that he'd probably met three quarters of the 318,000-strong population during his whirlwind Diamond Jubilee trip.

And indeed many Harry fans had gathered at the site, waving handmade posters inviting their hero to come again and declaring their love.


In order to reach the site, the Prince was transported across the river by ferry. Here he christened a new canoe the QEII in honour of his grandmother. He'd noted the previous night that it would be a "waste of the best beer in the west".

The day finished on a more sombre note, with Harry, an Army helicopter pilot laying a wreath in memory of British soldiers who have passed away while on service in the country.



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