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Comment 06 MARCH 2012

Blushing Harry meets his red-hot would-be-bride

06 MARCH 2012

Before their meeting, the Bahamas' reigning beauty queen made her intentions clear towards Prince Harry when she told journalists she'd come to "fall in love" with him.

So there was a certain expectation when the world's most eligible bachelor finally had a chance for a tête-a-tête with Anastagia Pierre at a meeting for youth leaders.




Blushing profusely, the Prince strived to remain the perfect gentleman as he chatted with the 23-year-old Miss Bahamas – who had dressed to impress in a figure hugging scarlet dress – and a friend of hers.

Anastagia revealed that he greeted her saying, "you're the one", referring to media reports of her proposal.

"I said it was supposed to be light hearted and it had been blown out of all proportion" the model added, to which Harry replied: "It always is" .

Ever the professional, the 27-year-old royal then steered the conversation onto safer ground, asking about the nature of his admirer's work.



The Bahamian beauty commented: "He asked me what it was like to hold the national title and asked if it was all about world peace like people think it was, but it's more about charity work".

Despite Anastagia's best efforts, Harry's heart had already been stolen earlier in the day when he attended a Youth Rally at the National Stadium.

He befriended blind studend Anna Albury, 12, who addressed the packed stadium with a brave and inspirational speech.

"Although I am blind, I do not accept this as a disadvantage," she said before encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

Harry sat attentively by the youngster's side during the rally and was the first to congratulate her afterwards.

She said: "Oh my gosh, it was amazing to meet Prince Harry. I was so excited and I just loved it and can't wait to tell my family about it."   



The Prince also gave his own speech in front of the 11, 000 strong crowd, and kept his composure when a gust of wind blew his speech away.

After his staff recovered his papers, he told the young people: "Damn you look smart".

"Basically you're doing your country proud. The Queen would be delighted by this and, on her behalf, I congratulate you all".  


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