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Comment 08 MARCH 2012

Officer Wales pays respects to fallen servicemen

08 MARCH 2012

Prince Harry's tour of the Caribbean took a more sober turn when he paid tribute to the six soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Captain Wales, as he's known in the military, had been due to abseil down a tower with members of the Jamaican Defence Force, but changed his plans as a mark of respect to his fallen comrades. 




Mindful that taking part in the high-octane activity might jar with the news from the front line, which he heard on waking up, the recently qualified Apache pilot decided to watch from the sidelines.

He did, however, take part in a live firing session and won praise from his Jamaican hosts.

"Excellent shooting, a perfect group with perfect results," said Sergeant Anthony Forbes. 




The royal had a pleasant surprise when he met an old friend from his Sandhurst days.

Harry hugged Lt Kayon Mills and felt his bicep, asking him: "Still working out?"

He then told the other soldiers: "This guy used to be enormous, he used to work out so much."

Recalling their time in training, Lt Mills said: "At Sandhust (Harry)  was one of the guys – hardworking, always giving 100 percent, he knew when it was time to work and when it was time to celebrate."

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