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Comment 22 MARCH 2012

Duke and Duchess split duties on royal survival day

22 MARCH 2012

It is famously known as the city of rain - and Bergen certainly gave a damp welcome to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall on the second day of their Scandinavian tour.

And as well as tackling the elements, the visit required some hands on action for the couple – who learned outdoor survival techniques in the Norwegian city.






Prince Charles showcased his wood-chopping skills - wielding a hatchet and splitting a log in two as his impressed wife looked on.

Not to be outdone, Camilla was given a lesson in wood whittling at an outdoor school where children are taught in a forest environment.

Accompanied by Queen Sonja, the two ladies listened to camp fire songs as well as being shown knife skills.

The Duchess didn't let the driving rain spoil her choice of outfit - she looked elegant in a camel Anna Valentine cape, cream ruffled blouse by Mr Roy and brown suede LK Bennett boots. 

She was heard telling children however: "I wish I had my wet weather gear on!".


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