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Comment 27 MARCH 2012

Camilla's killer night with her favourite Danish detective

27 MARCH 2012

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were guests of honour at the Royal Palace in Copenhagen on Monday – and Camilla's hosts went all out to make sure she enjoyed her night.

Waiting to greet her was Sofie Grabol – who plays detective Sarah Lund in hit TV show The Killing, of which the Duchess is an avid watcher.






She was invited to the banquet as a treat for Camilla, and when the pair met, a humbled Sofia curtseyed before her VIP fan.

"It's a little bit fun, and really unexpected that they're fans," the actress said. "It's the ultimate proof that the series reaches a broad audience, both high and low".

Camilla herself will visit the set of the show on Tuesday.

Queen Margarethe presided over the soiree with her sons, Frederik, who is the heir to the throne, and his brother Joachim.

But it was her daughters-in-law, who stole the show.  

Joachim's wife Marie took the opportunity to make a glamorous comeback to royal engagements – her fantastic figure giving no clues that she had just given birth to their daughter in January.

And her sister-in-law, Princess Mary, also cut a stunning figure in a strapless mahogany gown which was gathered around her wasp waist.



It was certainly an eventful night for the guests.

A small fire broke out just as the party was about to sit down and eat.

The blaze was short lived, however, thanks to the firemen who rushed to the scene so that guests could carry on as planned.

"It looked worse than it was. We chose to let the guests stay inside without disturbing them further," a firefighter revealed.

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