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Comment 27 MARCH 2012

Camilla given famous jumper on set of 'The Killing'

27 MARCH 2012

As a senior member of the royal family, the Duchess of Cornwall has received many lavish gifts from foreign dignitaries.

But few have thrilled her as much as the Faroese jumper presented to her on the set of her favourite show The Killing.

Actress Sofie Grabo – who plays detective Sarah Lund in the gritty Danish crime series – surprised Camilla with the gift as she showed her around along with Princess Mary.




The significance of the gesture won’t be lost on fans like the Duchess.

The quirky knitwear – which is always worn by Detective Lund as she meticulously solves chilling crimes – has become a cult symbol of the show.

"It's fantastic," she enthused, handing the gift over to an aide with the warning: "Don't lose it". 

Her husband, the Prince of Wales, missed out as he had another engagement but is as much of a fan – it's the only TV programme they can agree on watching, he'd earlier said.

But the Duchess was the one who discovered it first. As she told Sofie: "I’m an addict. I’m so excited by this.”

And there was more fun for Camilla and Princess Mary following a tour of the set.

After being told the cast were filming the climax to the eagerly-awaited third series, when Sarah Lund will finally unmask a murderer, she grabbed the star's pistol, pointed it at members of the press and declared: “It was me all along!"


Also, showing she really is a true fan of the show, the Duchess was full of insight as she was introduced to the protagonist's new sidekick, played by Nikolaj Kaas.

“I hope we are going to see you again,” said Camilla, referring to the fact that Sarah Lund's previous two partners were both killed off. “I hope you don’t go the same way as the others.”


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