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Comment 22 MAY 2012

Charles has a Kate moment as he gets stuck in to hockey match

22 MAY 2012

It’s no secret that Prince Charles adores his son's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, who he calls her "my darling daughter-in-law".

And the heir to the throne must been thinking of Kate when he got stuck into a school hockey game, reminiscent of the Duchess' own recent Olympic knock about.




The fun match took place during a visit to White-St Francis School in New Brunswick, Canada on Monday.

Charles and Camilla are on a four-day trip of the Commonwealth country in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

As the first-in-line put his energy into the game, he was encouraged by onlookers who yelled: "Come on, get in there!".  

Charles' efforts paid off when he scored a goal, much to the delight of his enthusiastic fans.

Later that evening, he and the Duchess of Cornwall moved on to Toronto, Ontario.

Joined by the province's premier Dalton McGuinty, the trio enjoyed a dazzling fireworks display on the banks of Ashbridges Bay.


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