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Comment 06 JUNE 2012

William gets into the groove for Solomon Islands visit

06 JUNE 2012

A few months ago on tour on behalf of his grandmother, Prince Harry embraced the Caribbean spirit and hit the dance floor whenever he was asked.

Now, his brother is hoping to emulate his achievement.

At a Diamond Jubilee reception this week, the Duchess of Cambridge was heard telling guests that Prince William has been practising his dance moves before a visit to the Solomon Islands.



The couple, who have been asked by the Queen to represent her in the Pacific Islands, shared their excitement with the governor-general Sir Frank Kabui.

"We're extremely excited," said the Duke. "Neither of us have ever been anywhere near this."



"William's been practising his dance moves," added Kate.

There is great affection for the Queen in the archipelago, which is part of the Commonwealth and consists of 1,000 islands.

When the monarch visited the former British colony in 1978, two years after independence, she was given a colourful island welcome involving traditional dancing by bare-chested performers.



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