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Comment 11 JUNE 2012

Gibraltar brings out bunting for the Earl and Countess of Wessex

11 JUNE 2012

As memories of the spectacular Diamond Jubilee weekend start to fade in Britain, the bunting is once again proudly on display for a royal tour. 

On Monday, Gibraltar welcomed the Earl and Countess of Wessex, who are braving diplomatic tensions surrounding the territory to represent the Queen during a three-day visit.




After receiving a warm welcome from Governor Sir Adrian Johns at his official residence, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, elegant in a light summer dress, planted an oak tree.

The sun-kissed region is home to just 28,000 residents, and the royal visit clearly thrilled the locals.


Sophie Wessex

Retired 91-year-old Aurelio Montegriffo, who dined with the Queen when she visited back in 1954, said: "Everyone here is so excited".

Meanwhile, bunting and flags adorned the headquarters of Gibraltar's Girl Guides, where the couple also visited. 

Inside, mum-of-two Sophie had some fun as she was sworn in and looked at a colourful collage that the young residents had made. 

During the three-day tour, the couple will attend a Queen's Birthday Parade and tour Main Street, in the historic old town.

Their packed itinerary also includes a visit to the British Forces headquarters, and a dinner at Rock Hotel, which is an institution in the territory and counts Winston Churchill and Errol Flynn amongst past guests.


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