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Comment 12 JUNE 2012

Kisses and hugs for Sophie as Gibraltar welcomes Jubilee visitors

12 JUNE 2012

Despite the Spanish government's displeasure over their visit, there was a very patriotic welcome waiting in Gibraltar on Monday for the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Crowds cheering and waving Union Flags on Main Street greeted the royal vistors, who had stepped off a British Airways plane in front of the Rock of Gibraltar.



Locals had brought out the bunting, in the sun-kissed region, which is home to just 28,000 residents.

And there were plenty of kisses and hugs for Sophie, who – like her husband – looked thrilled to be visiting the British Overseas territory as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

On Tuesday the couple paid a visit to the headquarters of the British Forces where they watched an RAF flypast.

In the evening is the annual Queens Birthday parade and garden party at the Convent – the official residence of the Governor of Gibraltar, Sir Adrian Johns.

They are also scheduled to lay a foundation stone for Gibraltar's brand new Diamond Jubilee Monument. 

The couple's three-day visit comes after weeks of tensions between the British territory's police and Spanish fishermen.

Spain has deployed Civil Guard officers to protect fishing boats after accusing Gibraltar authorities of chasing its country's fishermen from Spanish waters.

Gibraltar and Britain say the police are only enforcing an 18th century law that regulates fishing within the territory's seas.


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