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Comment 12 SEPTEMBER 2012

Kate shows her motherly touch as she meets local schoolchildren


Her husband had just let slip to a member of the public that he wants two children. And Duchess of Cambridge clearly shares Prince William's enthusiasm for starting a family.

Kate's motherly instincts were on show as she accepted flowers from a little girl in a Singapore housing estate by crouching down to tenderly thank her young hostess.


Duchess of Cambridge


The Duchess, now in a colourful matching skirt and top by local fashion label Raoul, also seemed to be trying to put the shy youngster at ease with a compliment about her necklace. 

The global superstars were visiting Strathmore Green, a housing estate in Queenstown, the name of which commemorates the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.


Duchess of Cambridge

On arrival, the couple were greeted by a large dancing dragon and viewed a performance that showcased the three main cultures of Singapore: the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities.

William and Kate then travelled to the nearby Rainbow Centre, a school and community centre for children with special needs, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary.


Duchess of Cambridge

Here they split, with the future King meeting children participating in a physical education session and his wife enjoying an arts therapy class – something she was keen to experience given her patronage of The Arts Room in the United Kingdom.

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