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Comment 14 SEPTEMBER 2012

Kate copies Malaysian wedding hair at Jubilee tea party


Every step of the way on her tour of South East Asia, Kate has paid tribute to her host countries with her style choices.

And she one again incorporated local fashions into her look as she joined Prince William at a Diamond Jubilee tea party in Kuala Lumpur.


Duchess Cambridge


Kate wore her hair in an elaborate bun fixed with pins adorned with pearls. The pins are often worn by women in Malaysia, especially at weddings.

The lovely style perfectly complimented the pale blue Alice Temperley dress she wore to attend the reception, hosted by the British High Commissioner and his wife at their official residence.


Duchess of Cambridge

Guests were invited from the realm of civil society, and included Princess Diana's good friend Jimmy Choo.

At the soiree, the Duke and Duchess were  invited to sample a new tea created by a leading Malaysian tea manufacturer, BOH, in honour of the Diamond Jubilee

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