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Comment 16 SEPTEMBER 2012

Flower power: The Duke and Duchess arrive in the Solomon Islands


Adorned with flowers and smiling from a truck decorated to look like a canoe, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in the Solomon Islands.

Sporting orange and pink garlands, the royal couple waved to the cheering crowd that greeted them in Guandalcanal Island.




Kate looked colourful in a bold blue and green patterned dress and completed her look with a pale pink hat reflecting the bright pink flowers that hung around her neck.

Before boarding their sriking transportation, William and Kate were met by dignitaries, including the Governor-General, Frank Kabui, and his wife, Grace.

Traditional dancers were also there to welcome the duo at Honiara International Airport, for what is the final leg of their nine day Jubilee tour of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Whilst in the Solomon Islands the pair will represent the Queen for what hopes to be a fun and celebratory visit.

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