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Comment 17 SEPTEMBER 2012

Solomon Islanders roll out rich cultural tapestry for their royal visitors


Chanting warriors, elaborate body art and a sea of spears awaited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the latest stop of their Diamond Jubilee tour.

Solomon Islanders rolled out the rich tapestry of their heritage as the royals visited a cultural village in the capital Honiara.

There, William and Kate watched energetic performances that represented the nine provinces that make up the tiny South Pacific nation.




A carnival atmosphere reigned as singing rang through the air and locals performed a series of elaborate dances, including the levu – a set that is performed when important VIPs are visiting. 

Well-wishers also placed a garland of fresh flowers on Kate's head. The brunette smiled gracefully as she received her makeshift crown, which perfectly complemented her yellow Jaeger dress.

No tropical experience is complete without a sudden downpour, and at one point, William and Kate were sheltered by umbrellas as the heavens opened.




Following their colourful welcome, the pair split up to carry out separate engagements for the first time during their tour. 

William addressed Commonwealth youth leaders at a conference and later presented Solomon Islanders with Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

The scheme is one of his grandfather's proudest legacies.

Meanwhile, caring Kate showed her solidarity as she met with local women's rights groups. 

The brunette chatted with female islanders young and old, some of whom donned their traditional regional dress.

Intrigued by their style, the Duchess asked Leonie Palmer, 17, what her necklace was made of. The royal looked taken aback when learning the piece was made of dolphin's teeth.

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